Having a healthy sleeping habit will have great impact on the quality of your life, there is nothing impossible to do once you have a proper dose of night sleep. Are you awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic? Did you jump out of bed excited to start the day? Or was coffee the only incentive you had to haul yourself out of bed this morning? Did you even get a good night’s sleep?
You should go to the origin of the problem. If you’ve done everything — keeping technology out of your bedroom, going to sleep earlier, dealing with general physical and mental health issues, and making sure you have a good reason to get out of bed — then the root of your lousy mornings might be the way you went to sleep. It could be time to try a new nightly ritual.

1. Moment of Silence

Just before your time to sleep, take 2-3 minutes doing nothing, I mean nothing not even planning for tomorrow or thinking about what happened today. Take these crucial minutes to introspect your body, concentrate on your breathing, and alter your attention from head to toe for several seconds each part. Stay aware in the moment and be happy for the beautiful body you have. “Yes it’s a kind of meditation which slows down your body and mind activity preparing it for sleeping”.

2. Take Care of your Physical needs

Your body just works as any other machine which requires continuous care to function properly, don’t forget your body is the place where you live. Taking care of each part is necessary to put it into action without a doubt of failure, Exercise day for least 20 minutes to connect your body part and achieve a harmony and balance of your mind and body. Light exercise with a consistent pace will also be helpful, physical activity releases adrenaline and dopamine in your body to stay healthy and happy.

3. Avoiding unnecessary sleep hours

Having unnecessary sleep during day time affects your sleep during nights — its better not to sleep during day time especially in the late evenings. Ideally you should take a quick nap of 20-30 minutes after lunch or late afternoon to compensate lost sleep and rejuvenate your brain for the rest of the day.

4. Thinking about your day

It doesn’t have to be a extensive recall, nor a full mental assessment, all you have to do is think about how your day went. If something sticks out — something you could have held better, momentarily admit it and design to do better tomorrow. This is not meant to cause anxiety, but to allow you to go to bed feeling hopeful that you will grow and improve yourself the next day.

5. Evaluate your room

One of the important yet underestimated practice of looking around for the possible distractions that may hinder your sleeping during night can be of great help. Room should be a peaceful place to sleep in and having known any disturbances needs to be sorted out, (disturbances also include your mobile phone and lights blinking of it, can keep your brain alert of notifications) set aside any possible distractions before you are ready to sleep. With the right temperature, bed well-adjusted to your comfort and ease of sleep cannot be disregarded.

6. Avoid nicotine, caffeine, or heavy meals before sleeping

Avoid taking heavy meals before sleeping will add a lot of advantage to your sleeping function, make sure to have a break of good 2 hours between dinner and going to bed, digestion of food takes 30-40 minutes after meal and ideally dinner has to be light and healthy in order of good hassle free sleep afterwards, having drinks high in caffeine and substance with nicotine may help ease your brain but having them before sleeping will put your brain into action once again. “It is help relax your brain before going to bed”

7. Bed is for sleeping

Keep staring at your phone for hours even when you’re in the bed will have an adverse effect on your sleeping and as mentioned above the activity will keep your brain alert which will bother your brain’s function to relax again, siege any activity 30 minute before you go to bed.
Still not able to sleep, get up change the place, and go to the living room read something and make your eyes drown in tiredness, burn off all the energies and imagine a cozy place to have a deep sleep. Hence said bed is the place to sleep.

8. Reading before you sleep

Reading before your sleep will not only help improve your imagination ,creativity & memory but reading good material before you sleep will also help discard any of the negative emotions leading to compulsion and disruptive sleeping pattern.

9. Prayers before sleep

In the end do practice prayers verbally and remember Allah the only superior power that regulates everything, connect to Allah ask mercy and make him your savior, revere for the blessing you have and the one who sustains you.

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