Getting help from others is often the first step from getting through a time of crisis and problems.

but having your self stuck in a situation where you see no sign of external help requires a self help support mechanism inbuilt into your analogy which gives you instant relief from mental pain and reduces vulnerability.

Lets first understand why do we need a support system?

When things aren’t going well or we’re just not feeling  that great we all need support and encouragement. we being human are capable of great things in life — yet are also lack in many ways others don’t  therefore make us reach for help us get out of the situations we  likely and unlike face.

from the time we were born we were given with the support system that initially is your family (parents) and later on friends, spouses, teachers, bosses, doctors and mentors as we evolve and caught up in different situations. these support systems not only encourage you but also confirms on your confidence and well-being.

however there comes times in life where you are exposed to situation where you are left alone and you need to work things out on your own — where a mistake can cost you a job or a healthy relationship.

Imagine giving a sales pitch to a client and you are not clear how to get started, you can feel the pressure and rising expectation, and importance of the deal, all puts you in a very nerve-wracking situation and you can feel loosing control and your confidence starts to shiver.

Imagine getting into a heated argument with your spouse over disagreements on a few things, and you start feeling helpless and see your relationship is in danger.

Or giving your first ever presentation to the board where all the important people are sitting and there is no slight space for a mistake.

Consider getting caught up into above situations and having no one but your self around to get you through. you’ll need to build these 6 strategies which is going to leverage your internal support mechanism and help you deal with difficult situations better.

1. Look for a positivity in situations

When things don’t go the way you expected (which is inevitable), try looking for the silver lining. No matter what, there is always something to learn from, and it can often be a necessary stepping-stone to what comes next. Setbacks are unavoidable; so learn to be prepared to handle them with positivity.

2. Be forgiving

We being human are imperfect by nature and there are chances that we make or take unlikely choices, after which we curse ourselves and sometimes it remains with as regrets for a very long time, So you have to forgive yourself for the mistake and accept the fact that nobody is even perfect.

We all grow with time and experience, be ready to embrace set backs and failures and welcome the criticism with open arms.

3. Be gratifying

For some this may be more difficult than others, but it can always be worse. If you are alive, breathing and walking there are already three things to be grateful for. Especially when things seem to go wrong, focus daily on the positive. be grateful for being.

4. Be in the now

We all desire some sort of control over our lives. We are intelligent, self-aware creatures, it’s natural to want a say in your experience. However, it’s easy to constantly think about what you wish was happening, instead of what’s actually in reality.  Be present in your environment and resist feelings of resentment. Practice acceptance to move forward, one day at a time.

5. Find healthy ways to rejuvenate

Life is full of pressure and stress. And we all have our own struggles and missteps. However, it’s possible to develop a healthy and effecting coping strategy that relaxes your nerves at situation.

Meditation, exercise and painting are all ways one can use to fuel their energy levels. Find what works for you and make it more than a hobby, implement it in daily life.

6. Focus on the bigger picture

Focus on the big picture; it’s easy for it to fade into the background and chaos of life, knowing how important the situation is and the impact it will bring into your life is important to build a support mechanism

Prepare yourself for the steps it will take to reach this goal and realize that every bad day does not signal the end of your world. Without setbacks and challenges, true success cannot be found.

Be aware that your future is determined by your present.

Your Relationship with yourself set the tone for every other relationship you have.







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