I got a chance to meet some of the experienced and seasoned corporate trainers and councilors, with out hesitation I went asking them 3 important questions every training and development individual should ask in order to keep a good eye on the ever transforming trend of Training and Development, these little but dynamic advice has helped me understanding the ins and outs, why don’t you also take a chance to read out 3 of these question and answers to them. What future of Learning and Development looks like (3 Important L&D Questions)

Q1. What’s that one piece of advice you would suggest a Learning and development colleague?

Expert Advice: “Stay close to the business and ask the business partners what they lack, and what they really need.”Collaborate upfront with business partners and align goals — it’s the only way you’ll get traction.

“Be a business or functional expert first, and an L&D professional second. Have the credibility in your business as someone who is able to help leaders and teams identify and understand the strategic needs they need for success.”

Q2. How can L&D leaders/Managers advocate the need of continual talent development in the future?

Expert Advice: We must stop the mind-numbingly boring and/or outrageously expensive programs that are run today. By better understanding the business so that they don’t need to try to sell “continual talent development to management, we can instead sell results to the business in the form of a fully capable employees.

“Learning and Development leaders really needs to understand the business imperatives — what are the business issues, where are the talent gaps, how do we fill those gaps? It’s not about traditional training anymore. It’s getting the right people in the right roles with the right skills.”

Q3. What does a success for L&D Leaders in the future looks like?

Expert Advice: Linking personal values to organizational values and set clear goals.” “Development of senior leadership support, strategic vision, and a clarification of process to
achieve long-term corporate goals.”

“Having the ambition and insight to meet stated needs with flawless execution, speed to market and “measurable” value, and to meet unstated needs through careful planting and cultivating to prepare for whatever the future holds.”

Trainings and Development trends in Pakistan (2016-2017)
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