Leveraging the learnings from the research and surveys, we’ve gathered a Future of L&D must ask questions to use with yourself or your cliques. Use these questions as a way to drive strategic planning efforts, or as a thought starter in your next staff meeting:

  1. Vision: In your organization, what role do you see the Learning & Development team playing in the future? How is that different from its role today?
  2. Skills: What does the employee of the future look like in your organization? What skills will you have to teach to arm employees for success?
  3. Training Audience: What are the top three audiences you’ll train in the future? How is this different from today — and why?
  4. Course Delivery: What new delivery methods for training can you start to explore right now? Will your approach be more blended in the future? Why/why not?
  5. Course Length: What is the average length of your courses? How can you make them more accelerated to meet the demands of today’s time-strapped employees?
  6. Course Types: What course topics must you add to your curriculum to stay fresh? What courses would the business units/employees need to stay competitive — beyond the basics?
  7. Training Participation: What two things could you change right now to improve your training attendance?
  8. The Final Question: Imagine that you’ve been given an unlimited amount of money to create the Learning & Development organization of the future. What three things will you do?
What future of Learning and Development looks like (3 Important L&D Questions)
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